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Multi-Cultural Week Celebration

Multicultural Photo

Dear Families,

Every year Victoria celebrates its Cultural Diversity Week.  At Brandon Park Preschool we value all child and family cultures and how they contribute to children’s developing sense of identity, being and belonging.

In order to celebrate during Cultural Diversity Week we are inviting families and special friends to come to Preschool for the session to share their culture, values and beliefs whilst building social connections with other Preschool families.

What To Bring:

We request that each family bring a dish of food representing their cultural background or a signature dish – this can be hot, cold, sweet or savoury (Please note: there are children with anaphylaxis enrolled in the service.  If your dish contains nuts – this includes sesame and peanut oil, eggs or soy it is essential that you inform an educator upon your arrival).

What To Wear:

We invite children and families to wear clothing representing your culture, traditions or values.

The Multicultural Feast:

When the feast commences we invite you to offer your dish to each child whilst taking the time to inform them of its name and what country or tradition it is from/associated with to enhance the learning experience and cultural appreciation for the children.

The Program…

Tuesday 18th March 2014, Groups:  C, D and E

Thursday 20th March 2014, Groups:  A, B and F


12.00pm:  Children and families arrive to Preschool

12.30pm:  The children will be performing a multicultural song

12.45pm:  The multicultural feast commences

2.00pm:  Incursion: Chinese Cultural Dance

3.00pm: End of Session


*  For students and families of 2014  *